Elli Logan is a visual artist with a keen interest in figurative work including portraiture. Her passion is drawing from life.  She has a studio based practice and uses line and experimental markmaking to explore and realise the character and mood of her sitters. She has a loose style emanating from careful observation. She is mindful of her Art History knowledge, but is committed to learning for herself some of the practical skills and processes required across several disciplines, notably ceramics and printmaking.

She exhibited her prints successfully at the Storey Institute in Lancaster, and she has paintings in the permanent collection of the University of Cumbria at the Lancaster site. Elli lives in North West Cumbria.  Unable this year to exhibit in ‘real’ time, and with no chance of attending Life Classes, Elli changed the focus of  her subject matter, (though still including portraiture), and presented her new work via the Internet. Consequently, her painting of ‘The Allotments’ was accepted in the 2020 Cumbrian publication 'Through the Looking Glass’. Along with other local artists, she described here her response to the Covid tragedy; this publication has seen an exhibition at the Morland Studio, Cumbria, and also at the  Craft and Art Gallery in Sedburgh Mill, and is due to have the original works shown at the Rheged Gallery, Penrith, in 2020.

Elli has this year had two portraits accepted for the on-line exhibition of the Scottish Portraits Awards 2020- November on, -and had her images’ Stormy trees’ accepted for the online gallery of the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, an international show.

Recently in lockdown she has been working at home with only limited materials to hand. Using watercolour and acrylics, she has turned to the portrayal of domestic still lives, also coastal scenes as well as the allotments at Fletchertown- the village where she has her studio.